Update: June 29, 2021

RELAC is assisting a contractor who is fixing a leak on Maple Ridge Road.  They have run into some issues and it is taking longer than expected.  We will get the system back up as soon as possible.

Reston RELAC

                                          Update: May 2, 2021

Here is an update on the A/C system.  RELAC will be operational
on Monday May 3rd by Noon.  This is 20 days before our official
startup date.
We are coordinating with LARCA to connect the last 
section of the properties.
Thank You

Update June 30, 2021:

Yesterday RELAC assisted a customer’s plumber to repair a leak just outside their house.  The repair had to be done under pressure so we turned off one circulating pump to reduce that pressure.  The break in the pipe turned out to be a rip caused by tree roots.  It took a long time to make a clean cut in the pipe and the hole they dug filled with more water than their pump could handle.  We had to completely shutdown the RLAC system while a larger pump was brought in to remove the water and complete the repair.  

The 30 minutes reduced service turned into a 3 hours outage.   The temperature of the water in the piping system rose to 59, the outside temps went to 93 and was still 81 way into the evening therefore it took many many hours to get back to tariff temperature of 45.

RELAC apologizes for this service interruption.  We thought the risks were low enough to be worth while helping out a customer.  In the future we will double think our decision, possibly wait until a cooler day, and have a better contingence plan. 

Update: April 26, 2021

RELAC is getting ready for the 2021 season.  According to our tariff the startup date is May 22 or the 2nd consecutive 80 degree day in May.  Looking at the forecast that would be May 4th or 5th.  

We see that the warm weather is coming earlier and earlier every year.  We will not be able to start operations this week when we get the first 80 degree days of the year.  Once in the last 8 years we had season startup in April on the 29th.  Supply, Vendor, and staff shortage, partially due to COVID, puts us about 5 days away from being ready for startup.

You can help by opening windows in the evenings, closing them in the morning and closing any curtains on the sunny side of the house.  

Thank You


Update October 9, 2021

This will be a first for RELAC and we hope it is not a trend.

Reston RELAC is a regulated utility and the Virginia State Corporation Commision
states that our cooling season is from May 22 thru Oct 9, which is today.

But looking at the weather forcast for the next week we are seeing highs between75 and

83.  Therefore we have decided that we will stay operating for at least another week.  

We will be operationing one chiller to control the extra costs. There will be enough
cooling to control the humidity and cool your homes.

Thank You
Mark and the RELAC team