Update 10/09/2019:

The forecast for the next ten days has a high temperature of 72 with half the days in the 60’s. Therefore RELAC will be ending the 2019 cooling season at noon on October 9th, 2019. This is the normal end of season date.

Reston RELAC

Update 05/15/2019:

RELAC is again operational as of this morning.  Thank you.

Our operating tariff allows us to shutdown if the outside tempatures
go below 55.  The chillers do not operate well at this low load and
must be monitored all day incase they shutoff.

Update 5/2/2019:

RELAC is now operational.

We started operation today at 11:00 AM.  Please call our service number at 703-349-3301 to report any service issues.

Update 5/12/2019:

Due to the unseasonably lower temperatures for the next 3 days we have
decided to turn off the system till Wednesday morning.  The forecast shows
a high of only 60 degrees and a low of 45 degress durning this period.  RELAC
will send out another notice when we resume operations.

Update 4/30/2019:

Reston RELAC will start operations by noon on Thursday May 2, 2019
Currently we are purging air from the system and doing the last few
steps on equipment startup.

RELAC has coordinated with LARCA to switch the values Thursday morning
so that Chimney House customers will get service.

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