Reston RELAC

Updated 10/16/2017:

We will be shutting down today at 1:00 PM.  Thanks for a good season

Update 10/8/2018:

RELAC will stay operational through the evening of Oct 11th.  We will continue to monitor the forecast but it appears to be the end of the 80 degree weather this season.  Look for further updates on this web site.

Update 4/25/2018:

RELAC's start up procedure began 2 weeks early this year and we have been ready to come online for a week.  The weather forecast indicates we will start in April for the 2nd year in a row.  Unless something changes in the forecast RELAC will start operation on Monday April 30, 2018

Update 10/10/2018:

Tuesday October 9th was the last official day of service.  But due to the 80 degree days we have stayed operational.  This Friday October 12th we will be ending the 2018 season.  Shutoff will be in the morning.  Thank you for a good season

Update 10/3/2018:

October 9th is the official end of the season at noon.

As in previous years RELAC will watch the temperatures and stay operational if
the temperatures stay above 80 degrees.  Watch this web site for the end of season