Reston RELAC

Service Announcement Update - May 11:

The weather stayed cooler than was forecast and our next 80 degree day will not be until Sunday May 15th.  But RELAC will start operations by the end of the day this Friday.  We are currently circulating water so that we can bleed out as much air as possible.  


Update: April 13, 2022

RELAC is getting ready for the 2022 season.  According to our tariff the startup date is May 22 or the 2nd consecutive 80 degree day in May.  We will monitor the forecast as we get closer to May.  

If we have a warm day you can help by opening windows in the evenings, closing them in the morning and closing any curtains on the sunny side of the house.  

Thank You


Service Announcement - May 4, 2022:

RELAC has been monitoring the weather as it has gone up and down over the last few weeks.  This weekend it will only be in the 50’s.  A very strange start to the year.

If the forecast holds RELAC will start operations at noon on Wednesday May 11.  This is eleven days before the official start of the season and four days earlier than we are required to start by tariff.  Flat rate customers are not charged for these extra 11 days of operation,