Reston RELAC

Update 05/15/2020:

We are operational today at noon.

The forecast is for 80 degree temperatures this today and Saturday.
Then the forecast is for 4 cooler days.  if this forecast holds RELAC 
may stop operations till the temperatures gets to 70 again on Thursday
May 21.  Check here for operation status.

Update 05/05/2020:

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all staying safe.

Our team at Relac is ready to begin the 2020 A/C season. Looks like the weather for early May will be cooler than it has been for the last few years.As a reminder the official startup date is May 22 or the second consecutive 80 degree day in May.  In the last few years this has happened in the first week of May.  The forecast has the temperatures well below 70 for the next 9 days.

We will continue to monitor the weather and update you on the RELAC startup date.

We  had one customer contact us with the statement:  "I understand that the RELAC will not be turned on due to the Pandemic.  Is this true?”.  This is totally a rumor and we would like to assure you that we are ready to start operating in May. 

Thank You
We will keep you posted


Update 04/14/2020:

I Hope everyone is staying safe.

With the current stay at home directive it is very important to make sure our system
is operational so our customers are able to use their A/C effectively.

RELAC began the seasonal startup process on April 1.  This year we are only using our
regular staff for startup and not hiring any temporary workers.  We made this decision to
limit contact between our staff and outside help in order to keep our staff as safe as possible.

Therefore the startup will take longer than usual.  We will do our best to get everything
up and running by the second 80 Degree day in May. 

If the RELAC team needs to do some work within your homes they will first ask if you are
comfortable with them entering.  They will wear gloves and masks to keep everyone as
safe as possible. 

Our mask supply is getting low and we are finding it hard to find good replacements.  If
anyone has any information where to find masks to help us out,  we be most appreciative.